July 2016 Event: NY Farmers Market Shopping Challenge & Cooking Class

On Wednesday, July 20, the kids from our NYC program participated in the Farmers Market Shopping Challenge, followed by a cooking class and lunch at Fig & Olive. 

The kids were divided into three teams: Chef Tim's team, Founder Laurent's team and Board member Debbie's team. Each team had the same list of ingredients to buy. The challenge was to see which team could get the best ingredients (vegetable and fruits) for the least amount of money. Along with that, the kids were given a list of items at the market to find as a scavenger hunt and challenged to find and photograph as many of the items on the list as they could.

After the shopping was finished, the kids took everything back to Fig & Olive and prepared a nutritious, delicious lunch with what they had purchased: heirloom tomato pasta salad, garden salad with chicken paillard, fried zucchini blossoms, and finally, strawberries and melon for dessert! They loved learning how fresh, simple ingredients can create such a satisfying meal.

During lunch the team winners were announced and prizes from the Market were awarded. It was a great day for all!