Program Activities

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In addition to youth development training and workshops, each season combines field trips, nutrition education, community service, and entrepreneurship to create a richer educational life experience for each of the participants. 

Field Trips | These programed trips incorporate challenges to engage participants in the experience and help them grow together as a team.

Healthy Lifestyle Education | Through a collective, action-oriented network, youth and adult volunteers work in partnership to align efforts to achieve positive outcomes and encouraging healthy lifestyle choices and habits.

Community Service | One of the programs biggest goals is to foster a sense of civic pride and community responsibility in participants. Community service projects include: food donations, garden assistance, and food education and distribution.

Social Entrepreneurship | Job Readiness Seminars are designed to help youth participants think critically for themselves about who they are as individuals, with the objective to produce more inspired, motivated, and aware youth leaders who are confident to pursue their personal goals. Through experiential learning, youth discover effective team work and specific communication skills that build self-esteem and confidence.